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Sandhill Wealth Management creates effective, comprehensive wealth management plans. Clients can expect a completely personal experience when working with Sandhill. They will always have a strong line of one-on-one communication and planning with their advisors.

Our Wealth Management Process

Sandhill Wealth Management realizes that an effective, comprehensive wealth management plan can have a truly transformative effect on a person’s financial situation. In addition to making a complete assessment of a client’s entire situation, the right wealth plan begins formulating and implementing a uniquely-devised group of strategies. It’s also essential that on any plan once put into action, allows for regular review and updating of all the client’s financial goals.


Evaluating a Client’s Current Financial Situation


Creating a Goal-Oriented Plan and Educating Clients


Managing Assets


Developing Tax Strategies


Addressing Risk Management


Reviewing Goals and Analyzing Investments

Wealth Management Resources

Retirement Savings Accounts

401k, Roth 401k, 403b

In general, to get a clear understanding of retirement savings accounts and how they work, it’s helpful to look at the nine basic types of arrangements.

Retirement Savings Accounts

Solo 401k

The list of these terrific benefits includes employer sponsored-paid benefit plans like vacation pay and retirement investment opportunities.

Educational Savings Account

Educational Savings Account

By definition, these “qualified tuition plans,” are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts.


Traditional, Roth, Inherited

For those of us who are now seeing reality, there are plenty of savings/investment options available to help us put aside savings for our twilight years.

Wealth Management Client

Retirement Savings Accounts


These type of tax-deferred investment option has been offered as an alternative to the 401k investment option that many people can get through their employers.

Health Savings

Health Savings Account

Whether you need to access money from the account tomorrow or in 10 years, it will be there for you without penalty in most circumstances.

Education accounts

College Savings Plan – 529

This particular plan sets aside money whenever possible throughout your income-generating years with ample tax advantages so that you have the proper funds available for your children when they are ready to leave for college or university.


Simple IRAs

Employers can now offer their employees a variety of retirement savings options to help them plan for their retirement.

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