Clients can expect a completely personal experience when working with Sandhill. They will always have a strong line of one-on-one communication and planning with their advisors. As partners with Charles Schwab, this company ensures its clients have total access to a broad range of investment and risk management resources.

About Sandhill Wealth Management

We all have goals when it comes to our finances. Whether big or small, Sandhill Wealth Management exists to help you achieve yours. Launched by President and Financial Advisor himself, David Gulacsy, Sandhill has been in Winter Park and Windermere, Florida, since January 2018. With a hands-on approach to financial planning and portfolio management, Sandhill focuses on a “client first” outlook and handles all client needs with a precedent of trust and full transparency.

Sandhill’s tailored wealth management is digestible and approachable for their clients. Using a holistic approach, Sandhill investigates all parts of their clients’ investments versus just individual assets, which is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. As a firm, Sandhill works to manage risks and rewards based on each respective client and where they are in their lives. With a strong emphasis on trust, Sandhill begins with a consultative approach that turns into a fully-transparent relationship with their clients. Treating their clients’ assets as if they were their own, Sandhill realizes the responsibility they have to aid in the success of the financial futures for their clients and that is something they do not take lightly.


David Gulacsy, President

David’s personal values and goals are the foundation of Sandhill. As a fiduciary for his own clients, he takes his role extremely seriously and makes sure all of his advisors operate under the same mindset. Always being known for hands-on financial planning and portfolio management, David ensures that Sandhill operates under the same fundamentals of shaping economic futures for nonprofits, small businesses, individuals, couples, families, the list goes on.

David himself has been in the industry for over a decade, including nine years as a financial advisor and Certified Planning Specialist, CPS for Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney. Prior to that, he worked with Bank of America as a residential mortgage lender earning the honor of Rookie of the Year for his performance as head of the Southeast Mortgage Department.

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